Success Of ‘Main Street’ Businesses Driven By Investments, Contractor Anton Kalafati Says

Anton Kalafati“Main Street,” that downtown shopping strip that can be found in towns all across this country, may seem like a quaint concept to most of us but its role in commerce today is an evolving one. That’s because the businesses that once offered quick and convenient shopping are now competing on a global scale with online retailers. For the owners of these operations, it’s a daunting proposition. According to Business Insider magazine, Amazon alone accounted for half of all sales made during 2017’s holiday season. That’s one company dominating half of the pie and for “mom and pop” merchants whose products are also available at other outlets online; it means that a revolution must happen from the inside. When a small business has decided to commit to an overhaul, then local contractors like Anton Kalafati can help. That’s because this Bay Area entrepreneur is president of a construction company that has made a name for itself on commercial renovation projects. Specifically, restaurant, apartment and storefront projects are all in Anton Kalafati’s portfolio. So, small business owner, listen up and see what others in the same boat are doing across the country.

Local news reports from across the country show that municipality funding is one of the resources that some small businesses are benefiting from. According to a January 2018 article from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal newspaper, the city of Greer is pitching in $500,000 for lighting and resurfacing improvements. That means well-lit alleyways and smoother parking lots; while those don’t constitute brick-and-mortar business improvements, it’s likely that such window dressings will go a long way toward attracting more foot traffic. In a Feb. 3, 2018 article from The Durango Herald newspaper of Durango, Colorado, a 96 percent occupancy rate in its downtown area was being driven by new financial businesses and restaurants. “This means that on average over the year, only 3.4 percent of retail and restaurant space was unoccupied,” the article states.

What does this mean for the business owners who’d like to see similar successes on the Main Street where they are situated? Success is in reach if you opt for the remodeling or renovation work that Anton Kalafati or other skilled contracting crews can complete. With Mr. Kalafati and his B Side Construction company, clients who are ready to commit to an overhaul can benefit from storefront renovations, window installations, apartment complex overhauls, electrical work and more. After a project has wrapped up, it’s clear that the big tool box that Mr. Kalafati can bring to your business is one that’s going to pay off over time and something that customers will appreciate, too.

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