Innovative Commercial Upgrades Are Of Great Interest To Anton Kalafati And B Side Construction

B Side ConstructionIt’s probably safe to assume that the sector of online shopping will continue to grow. People love their smartphones for convenience and that includes being able to make essential purchases without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. According to the research firm JLL, this poses an interesting predicament for brick-and-mortar businesses. That’s because customer experience at retail stores is “as important as ever,” the firm states in an article about moves that smart business owners should be taking. Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction already knows what one of those moves should be and he’s seen it help businesses all over the Bay Area in California. The work that Mr. Kalafati and his skilled contractors specialize in includes storefront installation and commercial renovation. It almost goes without saying that  companies looking to make a lasting impression on customers should consider either of these routes.

According to the JLL research piece, renovation work proved to be a wise investment for the movie theater chain AMC. The efforts that it undertook at hundreds of theaters across the county included adding more food and beverage choices, installing power recliners and giving guests the option to reserve the actual seat they’d be sitting in inside the theater. The result? “AMC brought its theaters back to life, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience,” the JLL piece says in part. To Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction, whose work in the renovation industry spans the past decade and includes projects of all types, AMC was wise to reinvent itself.

When companies come to Mr. Kalafati for assistance with storefront installation or commercial renovation work, he can point to a portfolio that’s packed with projects completed at hot new restaurants, community centers and municipal offices. Another way that the physical layout of the store can be changed to better align itself with the habits of modern consumers is incorporating technology wherever possible. According to the study, “smart retailers” can use tablets to accept payments wherever possible instead of relying on the check-out line alone and installation of interactive kiosks means shoppers will stay in the store longer.

Per the study, “the use of large displays” can “fully engross customers to the point where they even forget that they’re inside a store. To the customer, the experience is interactive, engaging, and powerful.” These types of developments are what interests Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction the most and keeps him and his crew working on innovative projects for commercial clients.

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