Apartment Renovations By Anton Kalafati, B Side Construction Are Wise Investment

anton kalafati b side constructionWhen it comes to where you lay your head at night, the options are rather clear-cut: Rent or own. While owning a home is the eventual goal for many people, renting is the stop-gap until they amass the funds needed for a down payment. What’s more, the “norm” in America appears to be changing. According to recent figures from the Pew Research Center, “the number of households renting their home increased significantly” between 2006 and 2016. The research organization states that 65 percent of all U.S. households headed by those younger than 35 were being rented. What does this mean for real estate and renovation experts like Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction? In short: owners of these apartment complexes can entice more renters to move in if the exteriors are kept looking modern. That’s why Mr. Kalafati has consistently improves his commercial construction business to be able to offer the services that modern markets demand.

If you’re in the position of wanting to purchase a “fixer upper” apartment complex and know that exterior work will be on the horizon, then B Side Construction and Anton Kalafati should be on your short list of companies to call for renovations. That’s because his company, which has previously completed restaurant overhauls and storefront improvements across California’s Bay Area, can complete the siding, painting and roofing upgrades that will draw additional tenants. One look at Alameda Housing Authority’s Park Avenue siding and window replacement job is all the proof that’s needed to know that Anton Kalafati and B Side Construction is a capable company. Now boasting modern wood siding, earthen green and brown tones and windows that let plenty of natural light into the apartment rooms, photos from the completed job speak for themselves. While this exterior overhaul is a great additional to the portfolio of Anton Kalafati and B Side Construction, other services available to property owners who hire this company are wide-ranging. When overhauling the Rockridge Teen Center, the breadth of services included lighting, HVAC, custom sign installation and ceiling grid and tile design and implementation.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 70 percent of those who rent apartments responded that home ownership is an eventual desire. Until that time comes – if it ever comes – then owners of apartment complexes should realize the significance of their services. By investing in structural upgrades and aesthetic improvements to the facade, owners are remaining competitive and doing what’s required to get more renters in.

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